I'm a Systems Engineer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At the age of 8, I got my first personal computer, a gift from my father: An old 386 PC. I started playing around with MS-DOS, Windows 3.11, and really old games. The first time I formatted my computer and re-installed all the apps, I felt like a hacker.

Later, in high school, I studied informatics and graduated as an informatics technician. That was my first approach to software development. I started learning how to code, using Visual Basic 6. I put this knowledge into practice when I got together with some friends to create games and apps. In our senior year, we developed an accounting system that was used by a small factory in our neighborhood.

I started studying at university when I was 18. That was when I got my first real job: Software Developer in a consulting company. I started working with Visual Basic 6 and MS-SQL Server. A couple of years later I learned C# and started using .NET Framework.

After that, I worked for several clients and companies: Exchange offices, electricity distributors, insurance companies, assistance companies, financial investments firms, etc. I learned a lot, I worked a lot and I improved a lot as a professional.

In December 2011 I graduated from the National Technological University of Argentina (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional) as a Systems Engineer. I haven't stopped there and I continue challenging myself and learning every day so I can become a better professional.

After going through several jobs and experiences, I am now a remote Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok. Working here makes me face new challenges, which help me grow as a professional and as a person.

I'm an optimistic, enthusiastic, and hard-working person waiting to see what the future holds for my career.